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Four Dog Night Testimonals

I have a dog who doesn't typically like to lay on dog beds. He prefers a cold floor or the couch. I bought one of the large mats that are fleece on one side and a cooler material on the other side. My dog absolutely loves it! He takes all his toys to his bed, eats his treats on it and curls up on it to sleep occasionally joined by the cat. In the summertime I flip it too the cooler side where he can go lay down without getting too warm. I also purchased a dog coat for the really cold days. A nice fleece tartan pattern looks great and keeps him warm enough to enjoy a good run!

Kennel Mat & Coats


My boys LOVE their Four Dog Night beds- not only are they comfortable and easily washable they are stylish and durable!  Good for K9 pics and house decor.


Donut Bed

Dana Kingsbury - Calgary

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