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Four Dog Night

The Four Dog Night products came to life in 2003 and  since then have been diligently tested in the Canadian dog show circuit as well as our own home. Our designs are made to the highest quality and durability while still taking into account pattern and beauty.


  • Made with new clothing grade fabrics and stuffing

  • Washer and dryer friendly

  • No lose fill...Zero stuffing migration

  • Made in Canada

Why Four Dog Night

Our beds have a way of becoming part of your home. We pride ourselves at designing our customers beds that their pets will love and live in. Our beds are not only pretty to look at they can also be well used, washed and then be lovely again.

Donut Bed


Burrow Bed

Crate Bed

Rim Bed

Pee Band

Snuggle Sacs

Poochie Panties

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