Crate Bed

Our Crate Beds are designed to be used anywhere - the crate, the car, the corner or the home. A fleece top side and quilted nylon underside make them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There 9 different Crate Bed sizes available that are made to fit most standard crate sizes.

Please Note: Crate Beds wash very well in a front loading washing machine. If using a top loading washer, please use caution when washing the larger sizes of beds.

Helpful Hint: For top loading washing machines and large Crate Beds, fold the bed lengthwise like a hot dog bun fleece side out. Then position bed around middle agitator evenly with the corners facing up. This helps keep the stiff corners of the crate bed from coming in contact with the base of the agitator and getting caught while washing.

All purchases over $150.00 (not including tax) receive free shipping!

***Free shipping is offered within Canada as long as FedEx can deliver to you.

We also offer free shipping on 4L bottles of Ez-Clean!

***If ordering Ez-Clean, please note that it a living bioenzyme liquid. If left on a doorstep or in a mailbox during sub-zero weather, your product may freeze making it less effective. We recommend having it shipped to an address where the package will be accepted and brought indoors. You may also prefer to view our store locator.

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