Poochie Panties

Our Poochie Panties are designed for female dogs that are in heat. They are a very comfortable design allowing for them to be worn for long periods of time. The elastic leg openings are snug yet not confining and do not make wear marks. Standard feminine sanitary napkins are be used with the Poochie Panties.

Item Waist Size Waist to
PP-200 13” to 18” 3”
PP-300 16” to 22” 4”
PP-300 Long 16" to 22" 6"
PP-400 20” to 28” 5”
PP-400 Long 20" to 28" 7"
PP-500 24” to 30” 6.5”
PP-500 Long 24" to 30" 8.5"
PP-600 28” to 36” 8”
PP-600 Long 28" to 36" 10"

Please note: Postage with Canada post is included in pouchie pantie prices EXCEPT 600/600Long SIZE (due to it not fitting in an envelope) No tracking number will be supplied.

All purchases over $150.00 (not including tax) receive free shipping!

***Free shipping is offered within Canada as long as FedEx can deliver to you.

We also offer free shipping on 4L bottles of Ez-Clean!

***If ordering Ez-Clean, please note that it a living bioenzyme liquid. If left on a doorstep or in a mailbox during sub-zero weather, your product may freeze making it less effective. We recommend having it shipped to an address where the package will be accepted and brought indoors. You may also prefer to view our store locator.

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