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Ez-clean is a professional grade, highly concentrated bio enzyme cleaner. Ez-clean will provide excellent breakdown of organic waste such as feces, urine, vomit, blood and sweat.

Dog kennels, training facilities and groomers across Canada choose Ez-clean as a safe, cost effective odour eliminator.   These businesses use Ez-clean on a variety of  surfaces at different dilution rates.  

Try ez-clean today!


  • Highly concentrated—12 billion bio enzymes per litre

  • Can be diluted to 1:64 and still be effective

  • Safe for immediate contact with you and your pets

  • Tested for four years on multi dog facilities to perfect the unique blend

  • Eliminates odours instead of masking them.

  • Made in Canada

Application Instructions

Why Ez-Clean?

 Simply put, this product WORKS. We have tested it in numerous situations and have always been impressed with the results. Ez-clean is a simple and safe solution to so many organic problems that arise in our daily lives.

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